Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 4 and its methods to vote


Bigg Boss Vote for Bigg Boss Season 4 has begun and people will vote either via an online voting poll or via a missed call service or through the Hotstar App. This is going to be the fourth year for Big Boss Tamil. There will be 10 votes a day per Gmail ID, which the audience will use to vote for their favourite. Kamal Hassan, Host of Bigg Boss Tamil 4, will reveal the elimination of the contestant on the basis of the percentage of votes obtained. The final decision will, however, be in the hands of Star Vijay Management. It is also important to know about Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 4.

Bigg boss tamil vote season 4

Overview of Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 4

The description of the reality show ‘Big Boss Tamil’ is that a number of contestants will also be named companions who have been sent to a well-furnished house and will have to remain there for a number of days (100 days). This reality also shows their attraction, their relationship, the struggle between the contestants, their frustration, their passion and the many emotional things that are going on in the background.

Per week of the Bigg Boss Tamil reality show, one of the contestants was excluded from the programme viewers through the in-house appointment process and the voting system. The Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 4 Housemate who receives the least number of votes in the Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Online will be disqualified for that week.

What is the Process of Elimination?

Every week, the elimination method will result in the elimination of a contestant who receives fewer votes than the only contestant who receives more votes.

  • Lets take Contestant 1, Contestant 2, Contestant 3, Contestant 4 in the elimination process of this week.
  • Contestant 3 gets low votes and the other contestants get more votes than contestant 3 means, and so contestant 3 gets disqualified with low votes.
  • Eliminated contestants will no longer linger inside the house. They will be shipped back with their baggage.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Timings:

  • Show : Bigg Boss Tamil Vote
  • Season : 4
  • Language : Tamil
  • Channel : Star Vijay
  • Timings : Everyday : 9.30 Pm – 10.30 pm
  • Contestants: Top 16 Contestants

Methods of Voting

How to Vote Tamil Big Boss – Season 4 (Official Method)

Step 1: Check Google for “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote” or “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote.”

Step 2: Google results will reveal nominated Tamil voters.

Step 3: Sign in to your gmail account if you do not sign in and continue to Step 1

Step 4: Pick the Big Boss Tamil Voting Contestant to be voted on and spared from eviction.

Step 5: Mark him / her vote and apply.

Bigg Boss Voting Steps through Hotstar – Season 4

  1. Open the Hotstar App with your mobile number or email ID. Click on the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 website banner.
  2. The Big Boss Tamil website will appear and the ‘poll’ button will appear below the banner.
  3. You will be able to see nominated contestants after pressing the Vote Button. Choose the contestant and cast your vote.
  4. Each individual will vote 50 votes a day using e-mail and mobile numbers and save them.
  5. By means of Hotstar or online voting, you can vote 50 votes a day and 10 votes a day via mobile. Please find below for telephone numbers.

Bigg Boss Voting Through Missed Call

The viewers will now cast their vote only on a missed call. Here are the missing call numbers to save the contestant from elimination.

Step 1: Copy or Note the allocated missing call number of your requested contestant.

Step 2: Now open your phone’s dialer app.

Step 3: Ring the number you’ve just reached.

Step 4: Send the number a missed call.

Step 5: After the missed call, your vote will be counted for Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Missed Call Numbers

  1. Vote for Shivani Narayanan – 8367796803
  2. Vote for Rio Raj – 8367796815
  3. Vote for Suresh Chakravarthi – 8367796802
  4. Vote for Anitha Sampath – 8367796809
  5. Vote for Velmurugan – 8367796816
  6. Vote for Ramya Pandian – 8367796805
  7. Vote for Jithan Ramesh – 8367796810
  8. Vote for Rekha – 8367796806
  9. Vote for Sanam Shetty – 8367796813
  10. Vote for Samyuktha Karthik – 8367796807
  11. Vote for Aranthangi Nisha – 8367796814
  12. Vote for Gabriella Charlton – 8367796804
  13. Vote for Aajeedh Khalique – 8367796801
  14. Vote for Balaji Murugadoss – 8367796812
  15. Vote for Aari Arjunan – 8367796811
  16. Vote for Som Shekar – 8367796808


This is the end of the article about the Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 4. Apart from the above-mentioned Voting of Bigg Boss Season 4, there many other Websites that are used by the people. Thanks for showing your kindness and patience in reading out the article.

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