Which TV should be taken – LCD or LED or OLED? 4K or 8K?


Are you going to buy tv Are you wondering which TV to buy? Simple TV or Smart TV, which I should have, like LCD, LED or LCD, then how big TV should I buy i.e. 32 Inch, 40 Inch, 56 Inch Like many questions will come in your mind.

How big a TV should you buy? 32 inch? 50inch? 65inch? 85inch? These days there is a TV available in almost every size you want, and for almost every budget. Unless you are limited by a cabinet or entertainment center, you can probably get a bigger TV than you might believe.

Television is a technological invention, which has revolutionized the means of communication and information to reach the masses. This allows simultaneous moving images (sound) and listening. Which TV should you take , What is 4K TV? Is OLED worth it? What about OLED or LED? And What tv should you buyThe How to choose budget TV (TV)), (Difference between LED, LCD, OLED, QLED in hindi) So I am going to give you complete information.

Which TV should I take?

Larger may not always be better in every area of ​​modern life, but when it comes to buying TV, you will want to buy the largest screen TV that will allow your room, viewing distance and budget.

Today’s Smart TV offers incredible detail, meaning that while you can sit close to your television, you don’t want to be so close that you can see the screen pixel. Again, sit far away and pay what you need.

If you really want to know how big to go, remember to think about the screen resolution. For 40 inch or smaller TVs, you should at least 720p Want a screen with pixel resolution of.

When you grow up, however, you 1080p Up to pixel resolution counts or “full HD”. You will get the latest TV technology: Ultra HD, or 4K May also be interested in.

Regardless of what type of TV you choose, the screen size ratio will work. Once you consider your viewing distance and pixel count, you want to consider the viewing angle.

Always try to give or take 15 degrees to keep your TV screen straight and at eye level. If you have to corner your TV, be sure to keep your furniture organized so that one’s viewpoint is no more than 40 degrees to the left or right.

Which TV is good?

Best TV For our favorites, the LG CX OLED is the best TV we’ve reviewed, offering impeccable picture quality and a rich-looking Smart TV experience, all in a sharp-looking design.

In addition to the Stellar OLED panel, the LG CX boasts HDMI 2.1 connectivity, has dual voice interaction with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and even has a smarter version of the HDR with the introduction of Dolby Vision IQ.

4K and 8K Resolution

All new TVs are Ultra HD 4K Resolution. The increasing number is 8K. Only the smallest and most expensive models are still HD (1080p or 720p). To view all the details available in 4K or 8K resolution images, you must either sit very close, or have a very large TV.

In fact, even if you are sitting nine feet away, “big” TVs are still too small for you to see all the resolutions they are capable of. Or to put it another way, the resolution of your next TV is going to be very high unless you sit too close, or are getting an extraordinarily large TV (over 100 inch). So yes, you do not need an 8K TV.

What is LCD or LED or OLED?

Although OLED is more expensive, it is by far the best photo technology. To be clear: Although OLED wins the picture competition, a good 4K LED TV Still offers a great viewing experience – and the good guys come with the same smart TV features found in OLED TVs.

4K LED TVs cost less than OLED TVs – possibly free of charge for the killer sound bar or the awesome surround sound system you want.

The LCD (short for liquid crystal display) arrived, which was terrible but had serious drawbacks. Then LCD technology improved and we LCD / LED TV Received, or simply received less LED. These days, most TVs are LED TVs.

Top 10 Best Smart TV Brand in India

  1. Samsung
  2. LG
  3. Sony
  4. Panasonic
  5. Micromax
  6. Philips
  7. Haier
  8. Onida
  9. Mi tv
  10. Videocon

How to buy LED TV?

Upgrade your existing television to a new LED TV without worrying about the cost. LG, Sony, Haier, Onida, Samsung, PanasonicChoose other top brand TVs like, and Flipkart or Amazon But buy it at easy EMI. Flipkart or Amazon Go to the store and choose the television of your choice, pay a nominal processing fee, and change the price of the TV to an easy and inexpensive INI. You can buy a new LED TV at Easy EMI from Bajaj FinServe EMI Store and get same day delivery.

What are the characteristics of Smart TV?

Smart TV same broadband router and Ethernet or Wi-Fi network Connecting to and using online content that you use to connect your computer to the Internet. Ethernet provides the most stable connection, but if your TV is in a separate room or long distance from your router, Wi-Fi may be more convenient. In addition, some smart TVs provide access to Web browsing, Gaming, and compatible media content stored on your computer.


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