Ping Meaning in Hindi – What is PING and how does it work?


Nowadays we all run the internet. Playing internet, chatting online, playing video games, playing online games, etc. are very popular. If you use online gaming or online internet, you will get “Ping“Must have heard the word. So what is PING? Ping Meaning in hindi? What is Ping in Hindi And how does it work. PING Or what does ping mean?

today we Ping Meaning in hindi Going to talk about If you already know about it then it is a very good thing, then you will probably learn something new. Because through this blog we are going to know in simple terms what is ping? Ping Meaning in Hindi. Ping means in Hindi? What does ping mean in internet or networking? how does it work? Come, the meaning of this ping or Ping Meaning Is aware of

What is PING – What is Ping

Between all operating systems Ping Is a very universal command. You can use it to test if you can reach your goal and how long it will take to do it. Ping to destination Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) sends packets. Then this echo waits for a reply. It can show statistics for this request, errors and packet loss.

When you use this command, you will send some echo requests, usually you will get a result for each of them, indicating if they were successful, how much data was received, this response and TTL Time taken for

PING is an analogy of technology – a technique for detecting objects by emitting sound pulses that were employed to detect submarines during the Second World War. The emitted pulses of sound are considered as a light tinkle within the submarine, which is onomatopoietically “PING” It is said.

Ping Meaning in Hindi (Ping means in Hindi): –

Ping Means that one of your devices on the Internet Server Time for a short Deta to be sent and back to your device again. Ping time is measured in milliseconds (ms). Ping time is a very important indicator for online games, but even for fairly general Internet surfing, Ping has a significant effect on the delay in access time.

How to use Ping?

  1. Whatever operating system you have, you have your ping utility.
  2. On Windows, open Terminal on Command Prompt and macOS and various Linux distros.
  3. There are small differences in the syntax of the ping command on the OS.

The first part you will see who you are IP address And packet size – 32 bytes. You will get 4 results. Ping 4 sends an echo message until you specify a different number. Those 4 answers will have the response time in ms – milliseconds and TTL value, indicating the time when the packet went live.


Full form of PINGPacket InterNet Groper” it happens. Packet Internet Gropper (PING) One Computer Is a program that is used to test network connectivity between two systems.

PING: Packet Internet Groper

Ping Meaning Internet In Hindi

Ping in the Internet is a measure of the latency of your connection from one place to another. This can be defined better. This is essentially a measure of lag and is mostly useful when playing an online game.

Ping is a command that is used to test a connection between 2 hosts. Alternatively, it is used to obtain the ip address of any host. The ping command sends ICMP packets to the destination and if the destination is up and running it reacts to the ICMP packets sent by the sender.

What is the meaning of ping me in hindi

These days Ping Me is a common term that is being widely used. Most people do not understand its true meaning. For example, if someone quotes: “Ping me when you’re free.” “Ping” here means sending an instant short message (which can be SMS, Instant Messenger, Chat,) on a texting platform to know about a person, about something, or something. Used to ask for.

PING (ms) meaning in Online Gaming

Ping is very understandable in Online Gaming. For example, if you are playing a game with 20ms ping, you should have very low latency. The task you take starts happening near the game. If you have a higher ping like 200ms, then the actions you take will be greatly delayed and you will not be able to play the game with others.

How does PING work?

  1. Here’s how the ping works – in a simplified way
  2. Your computer sends a small packet of data to a remote computer.
  3. The remote computer receives the packet, which requests a reply.
  4. Remote Computer sends you a packet back.

This is single ping. Ping allows you to measure the round-trip time for a packet between your Computer and a remote Computer.


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