Watch one piece 967: One Piece Reveals A Secret About Laugh Tale

One Piece 967, According to the spoilers for the upcoming chapter of the manga, the members of the Roger Pirates successfully make it to the final island. They do it by finally finding the mysterious Poneglyph of Wano which has the Kozuki mark on it. This Poneglyph is likely hidden somewhere in the country. What’s more, Roger also went to Fishman Island and read Joy Boy’s message. One Piece 967, The crew journeyed to Water 7 and found out about Joy Boy and his hidden message.

Upon reaching the final island, One Piece 967 they found out about the history of the world, the Will of D, and the secret of the Void Century. They can’t help but laugh so much that they start crying. After this, Roger feels sorry that he couldn’t meet the man named Joy Boy, who was at this very island 800 years ago. Roger claims the island and names it “Laugh Tale.”

‘One Piece’ chapter 967 release date, where to read

“One Piece” chapter 967 has been slated to be released after the holiday break. While the physical copy arrived a little bit earlier in Japan, the digital copy goes live for global fans on Monday, Jan. 6.

As mentioned, One Piece 967 popular scanlation sites like Jamini’s Box and Mangastream previously announced their decision to stop their volunteer-based translation efforts on all Weekly Shonen Jump series. That includes titles like “One Piece,” “My Hero Academia,” “Black Clover,” and “The Promised Neverland.”

The good news is that official channels like Manga Plus have recently started a “sim release” approach on the digital distribution of these titles, so fans around the world will not be entirely left out. Starting from “One Piece” chapter 967, manga readers might want to take advantage of these free online services.

Official copies can be accessed for free on Manga Plus and Viz Media websites and mobile apps. Due to time zone differences, it is best to check with the Manga Plus link as it shows the exact time of a manga instalment’s release.

‘One Piece’ chapter 967 leaked, spoilers: What happens to Oden Kozuki in Chapter 968

Despite the end of Jamini’s Box and Mangastream’s operations, a scanlation of “One Piece” chapter 967 was still leaked over a week before the official online release. Note,One Piece 967  though, that it contains a rough translation (but still very understandable), so it is still best to check out the official copy once it is available.

“One Piece” chapter 967 is one of the most important instalments of the entire series as it shows how the Roger Pirates, Oden Kozuki included, finally reached Laugh Tale and discovered what the One Piece really is. The only reason for Oden’s affiliation with Roger is completed, and he is now free to go back to his original pirate crew, led by Edward “Whitebeard” Newgate.

However, from what fans know about the series, “One Piece” chapter 968 could show Oden returning to Wano to be with Toki, Momonosuke, and Hiyori. One Piece 967, This hints at Oden’s imminent death at the hands of Kaido with help from Orochi. The Wano story arc could then finally return to the present timeline.

Conclusion: One Piece 967

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